Delivery of fresh concrete



  • Notification of delivery required for specific testing by R. E. ?
  • Procedures for pouring and finishing concrete outside normal site hours


  • Communication of delivery requirements – Exchange of information
  • Facilities for receiving trucks ; suitability of ground conditions
  • Effect of delays:
    • Pour preparation not passed
    • Slower placing
  • Testing arrangements / facilities
  • Staffing requirements for finishing of concrete after ‘late’ pours
  • Discharge means – truck, skip, pump, dumper etc.
  • Advance notice for large pours
  • Traffic – rate of delivery slowed at rush hour periods


  • Delivery docket details (I.S. EN 206 + NA listing ?)
  • Delivery time restrictions : plant and site
  • Site limitations impacting on truck size, site truck capacity, location (city centre)
  • Delivery rates/volumes agreed?
  • Mix adjustments on site (control procedure)
  • Acceptance signature on delivery docket
  • Limitations on concrete re mix type (e.g. high slump) – impact on delivery , offloading rate etc.

Further Guidance

Main Standards – Reference

I.S. EN 206 + NA

Clause 7 & NA.4

Other Guidance Documents

Concrete on Site series (Booklet 1); Concrete Society