I.S. EN 206 Concrete – Specification, performance, production and conformity

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I.S. EN 206 applies to concrete for structures cast in-situ, precast structures and structural precast products for buildings and civil engineering structures.

This standard is applicable to concrete produced in a plant producing readymixed concrete or in a plant for precast concrete products or for concrete mixed on site.


This standard defines tasks for the specifier, producer and user (constructor/builder).

It specifies requirements for:

  • Constituents of concrete
  • Properties of fresh and hardened concrete
  • Limitations for concrete composition
  • Specification of concrete
  • Production control procedures
  • Delivery of fresh concrete
  • Conformity criteria and evaluation of conformity

I.S. EN 206 is intended to be used in conjunction with other I.S EN standards, particularly standards for constituents and for testing both fresh and hardened properties of concrete. It also relies on compliance with I.S. EN 13670 for execution (construction).

Standards Relationship EN206

National Annex

As I.S. EN 206 is not a harmonised standard, the Irish National Annex contains, among other requirements, the recommended limiting values required for concrete mixes for the various exposure classes. These values are applicable to the specification or use of concrete in Ireland.

This NA also provides alternative limiting values for 50 year and 100 year design lives with varying covers and concrete mixes.

Note: Use the latest version of the standard, along with the accompanying National Annex, including any Addenda or Corrigenda updates for either, issued by NSAI. Irish Standards are available at www.NSAI.ie/standards.