I.S. EN 13369 Common rules for precast concrete products

I.S. EN 13369 Precast relationship
I.S. EN 13369 Common rules for precast concrete products


This standard is intended to outline the general common requirements applicable to a large variety of precast products manufactured in a specialist factory environment. It also acts as a reference standard for other standards for specific products.

I.S. EN 13369 specifies the requirements, basic performance criteria and evaluation of conformity for unreinforced, reinforced and prestressed precast concrete products. These products are produced from light-, normal- and heavyweight concrete in accordance with EN 206, with no appreciable amount of entrapped air, other than entrained air. This standard also covers concrete containing fibres, other than for mechanical properties.

This standard may also be used to specify product for which no standard exists. However, if a specific product standard exists, it takes precedence over this standard.


I.S. EN 13369 refers to the relevant specifications of associated standards : EN 206 for concrete ; EN 1992 for the design of concrete structures. The installation of some precast concrete products is dealt with by EN 13670.

As I.S. EN 13369 is not a harmonised standard it may not be used on its own for the purpose of CE marking of precast concrete products.

Precast product standards listed in European Foreword to EN 13369

EN 13369 is a common reference for the following group of specific product standards prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 229:

Standard No. Title
EN 1168 Precast concrete products —Hollow core slabs
EN 12737 Precast concrete products —Floor slats for livestock
EN 12794 Precast concrete products —Foundation piles
EN 12839 Precast concrete products —Elements for fences
EN 12843 Precast concrete products —Masts and poles
EN 13198 Precast concrete products —Street furniture and garden products
EN 13224 Precast concrete products —Ribbed floor elements
EN 13225 Precast concrete products—Linear structural elements
EN 13693 Precast concrete products —Special roof elements
EN 13747 Precast concrete products —Floor plates for floor systems
EN 13748 - 1 Terrazzo tiles —Part 1: Terrazzo tiles for internal use
EN 13748 - 2 Terrazzo tiles —Part 2: Terrazzo tiles for external use
EN 13978 - 1 Precast concrete products — Precast concrete garages — Part 1: Requirements for   reinforced garages monolithic or consisting of single sections with room dimensions;
EN 14843 Precast concrete products —Stairs
EN 14844 Precast concrete products —Box culverts
EN 14991 Precast concrete products —Foundation elements
EN 14992 Precast concrete products —Wall elements
EN 15037 - 1 Precast concrete products —Beam-and-block floor systems —Part 1: Beams
EN 15037 - 2 Precast concrete products —Beam-and-block floor systems —Part 2: Concrete blocks
EN 15037 - 3 Precast concrete products —Beam-and-block floor systems —Part 3: Clay block
EN 15037 - 4 Precast concrete products — Beam-and-block floor systems — Part 4: Expanded polystyrene blocks
EN 15037 - 5 Precast concrete products —Beam-and-block floor systems —Part 5: Lightweight blocks for simple formwork
EN 15050 Precast concrete products —Bridge elements
EN 15258 Precast concrete products —Retaining wall elements
EN 15435 Precast concrete products —Normal weight and lightweight concrete shuttering blocks — Product properties and performances
EN 15498 Precast concrete products — Wood-chip concrete shuttering blocks — Product properties and performances
Note: These are all available as Irish Standards.

Note: Use the latest version of the standard, along with the accompanying National Annex, including any Addenda or Corrigenda updates for either, issued by NSAI. Irish Standards are available at www.NSAI.ie/standards.