Weather Effects (hot & cold)



  • Specify limits for placing (or compliance with specific standard)
  • Considerations for strength development, curing etc.
  • Mix design – flexibility in approval of mixes for changing conditions


  • Precautions required for either hot or cold weather
  • Protection of cast concrete
  • Temperature recording - ambient
  • Temperature monitoring – internal concrete levels
  • Effects of drying/cooling winds
  • Erection of wind-breaks
  • Selection of suitable curing method and materials
  • Availability of frost blankets
  • Pumping in hot weather - precautions
  • Mix design – special requirements
  • Min and Max temperature limits for pouring
  • Striking time effects / constraints
  • Review weather forecast/records
  • Plan for varying site conditions (mid to hi-rise)


  • Precautions with stored materials ( aggregates, water, cement, admixtures)
  • Mix design – special requirements (use of cement type, additions, admixture dosage)

Further Guidance

Main Standards – Reference

I.S. EN 206 + NA

Clause 5.2.9 & NA.2.9

Other Guidance Documents

Concrete on Site series (Booklet 11) ; Concrete Society

www.irishconcrete.ie (see Technical Guidance)

Towards rationalising reinforcement for concrete structures. TR 53; Concrete Society