Thermal Aspects

Thermal Aspects


  • Maximum internal temperature limit
  • Maximum temperature gradient permitted
  • Reinforcement for thermal control (size, spacing etc.

Main Standards


  • One pour?
  • Restraint/free to contract?
  • Ambient temperatures
  • Curing/insulation
  • Formwork stripping time

Main Standards


  • Mix to satisfy strength & durability requirements>
  • Minimize cement content
  • Cement type
  • Aggregate type
  • Cooling of concrete/constituent

Main Standards

Special Cases

where heat development could pose problems e.g. slab


E.g. Wall 400 thick

Cast using a C35/45 mix onto a base that has ‘cooled’ to ambient. Shutters stripped after say 24 - 36 hours, followed by cool night.

E.g. Slab 350 mm thick

Cast with C32/40 mix, onto insulation and with top surface exposed to cool night temperatures.

Further Guidance